To embed a love of reading and communication, through the exploration of quality, challenging texts and use these texts to develop the range of communication skills, in order for students to be successful at GCSE, A-Level and in the wider world of work.

The aim of the KS3 curriculum is to build on the love of exploring literature, created in primary school and extending upon existing knowledge and skills, in order to promote the significance of literature and the understanding of authorial intent.  Reading is at the heart of the curriculum: exposing students in an immersive style to the full text, before making further explorations of aspects of the texts. Moreover, regular reading for pleasure and progress, outside of the main topics is a key focus.

The Year 10 curriculum covers the GCSE texts for Literature. Students will be expected to apply their prior learning and skills to these texts.

The Year 11 curriculum will be based around demands of the two PPE sessions, and their final exam. Focus will shift onto essay writing skills, including how to meet each assessment objective. Students will complete closed-book assessments in class to prepare them for their exams.


DIRECTOR OF ENGLISH                      

Mr S Wallis:


Mr T Seston


Mr S Wallis, Mr T Seston, Mrs C Forrest, Mr M Friend, Miss R Hardy, Mr C Kelly, Mrs T Knowles, Mr C Niblock, Mr B Jackson, Mr A Townsend, Mrs L Hopper, Mr N Eveleigh, Miss M Barfoot, Mrs B Titchener, Mrs S Brown, Mrs P Lennie                   



GCSE English Language Exam Board: AQA

GCSE English Literature Exam Board: AQA

GCSE English Exam Board: AQA

GCE English Language Exam Board: AQA

GCE English Literature Exam Board: OCR

GCE Communication & Culture Exam Board: AQA