To provide all students with access to quality personal development opportunities. To help build confidence and resilience within our cohort, to help them engage with society in a positive way.

The aim of the KS3 curriculum is to build on the students’ experiences of Relationships Education at primary school. Exploring some more age appropriate material that helps them deal with the changes they are facing.

Year 7s will be supported through transition developing skills of resilience, flexibility

The Year 8 curriculum builds on the knowledge and skills of those introduced in year 7, maintaining the three core themes.

Year 8 students will be supported through the options process and in RSE they will be considering more of the feelings associated with both positive and negative relationships.

The Year 9 curriculum is in place to introduce more detailed knowledge of RSE as the evidence suggests a larger minority of students become engaged in intimate relationships during this year.

There is also a focus on risky behaviour such as safe use of the internet and gang-related behaviour. This is in line with the areas highlighted by HOC as being potential issues in our school in this year group.

The WRL focus is making students consider what makes them a positive citizen in our community but also in work places. Looking at what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t.

The Year 10 curriculum continues to build upon prior knowledge with the three core themes.

There is a focus on preparing students for work experience placements, dealing and managing stressful situations (in preparation for exams) and keeping safe.

The Year 11 curriculum will be continuing to build upon the three core themes but will include one less PSHE morning due to GCSE exams.

There will be a WRL theme of preparation for exams and Post-16 choices. The Health theme will also have a focus of helping students to prepare for exams.



Mrs C Owens:

Subject Teachers

Mr T Hawes, Mr J Smith,  Mrs J Robertson, Mrs B Harlock, Mrs S Donaldson, Mrs C Walker, Mr G Baker, Mr O Jones, Mrs K Burnell, Mr P Smith, Mrs B Shilling, Mrs Z Rock