Computer Science


Computing is the process of utilising computer technology to complete a task. Most individuals use some form of computing every day whether they realise it or not. Swiping a debit card, sending an email, or using a mobile phone can all be considered forms of computing.

At KS3 pupils will get a taste of many different aspects of Computing.  From developing an understanding of computational thinking and how systems work, to editing graphics, creating websites and programming games, we want students to find a field that piques their interest.

From KS4 students have the opportunity to specialise in one of two disciplines (or even both for the really keen!) - these options are Computer Science and Creative iMedia.

Computer Science is the study of modern computing devices and how they work. Computer Science is also about problem and puzzle solving as students aim to write software for others to use, as opposed to simply using those provided by others. A good Computer Scientist needs to possess a mathematical brain and have a passion for finding solutions.

Creative iMedia by contrast, provides students with skills to manage projects, create digital graphics and build webpages.  In addition, students will also have the opportunity to form the direction of their own video game. Creativity, design skills and a keen eye for detail are paramount here.

Finally, our 6th Form offers Computer Science and ICT courses at KS5 which are the perfect complement to those who previously studied Computer Science or Creative iMedia lower down the school. Both courses are designed to prepare students for further study or those wishing to go straight into the workplace.



 Mr M Walker:


Mr M Walker, Mr P Osbourne, Mr S Vernall