January 2022 return to school

Dear Parent / Carer

Happy new year! There have been a few updates over the Christmas break from the government regarding Covid-19 and Government guidance for schools. This email hopes to outline the main points for parents.

Day-one testing

The Government has confirmed with schools that even students that have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 90 days are encouraged to test in school on their first day back.

If you have previously stated that your child cannot have a lateral-flow test because of the above reason but would now like your child to be tested following this updated guidance, please feel free to login to EduLink:!/login?code=tds and book a slot via the "COVID-19 TEST BOOKING" panel.

If you book a slot, the school will assume that your consent decision has changed to be positive. A copy of the consent form is attached for reference, but merely booking a slot will be sufficient.


The Government has announced that face-coverings are now required in classrooms until 26 January 2022 unless your child is exempt. We will be updating our exemption lists tomorrow, so please log any further exemptions through the "FORMS" panel of EduLink (link above) by 3pm on Tuesday 4 January 2022.

The school has a limited supply of face-coverings to provide for students that forget them; as previously communicated, students that repeatedly forget their face-coverings may be charged for a replacement.

Extreme staff absence

The main concern for all organisations and businesses now is what impact staff absence will have on their operations. This is equally important in education. Please be assured that before making any decision to close fully or partially, that the school will have already looked at getting in supply staff, combining groups, and adapting the curriculum as we want to avoid closing as much as possible. However, there must be enough staff on-site for the school to be safe and for students to have adequate supervision. In the unlikely event that we need to partially close, the order that students will be sent home will be thus:

1. Year 10 will be sent home first
2. Year 9
3. Year 8
4. Year 7
5. Year 12
6. Year 13
7. Year 11 will be sent home last

The rationale behind this order is firstly to keep examination Year groups in school as long as possible, and secondly to try and reduce the impact on parents' jobs by keeping younger years in as long as possible.

If we need to make the decision to partially close, we will endeavour to give parents as much notice as possible, but we may need to make the decision very quickly.

The school will aim to provide 'live' teaching for students working from home from day one, but please bear in mind the breadth of coverage will be subject to the health of those staff self-isolating themselves.

Early release from self-isolation

The government has announced that anyone that takes two Covid-19 lateral-flow tests on days 6 and 7 of their self-isolation and receive two negative results may stop self-isolating. The school will operate with the assumption that all students will self-isolate for 10 days unless the parent emails in proof of the day 6 and 7 negative test results. You may choose to do this via the Test Register system: or forwarding your email response from the government logging site: Students arriving at the gate on day 8 without proof being emailed in will be refused entry.

Critical worker status

If you have previously registered your critical worker status with the school you do not need to do so again. If you status has changed, or you haven't logged this then please add your details using the form linked below:

The return this week

We look forward to welcoming your children back to full-time education on Friday 7 January 2022 and hope to see as many as possible for the day one test during Wednesday (for Years 7, 11, 12 and 13) and Thursday (for Years 8, 9, and 10). The full breakdown of the week can be found here:

Day In school testing 'Live' online teaching on Teams   Remote (non-live) work set on Teams   In-school education 



None (Staff training day) 

None (Staff training day) 

None (Staff training day) 

None (Staff training day) 



Years 7, 11, 12 and 13  Years 8, 9 and 10  Years 7, 11, 12 and 13  No students in school other than for their test 



Years 8, 9 and 10 None   Years 8, 9 and 10 Years 7, 11, 12 and 13 only return to school  



None   None   None   All students back in school 



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