Post 16 Options


A Post 16 Options event for students in Year 11 took place on 15 October 2021. For those away from school at this time we would like to summarise the information provided during this event, however, please view the Year 11 - Preparing for the Future page for more information and to view the associated documents and links to resources.

The choices Post 16 are:

  • Continuing to study at a Sixth Form
  • Continuing to study at a College of Further Education
  • Applying for an Apprenticeship – or a similar work based learning programme
  • Applying for a position within the Forces
  • Entering the labour market - although some form of continued training must be attached to the offer of employment to comply with the raising of the participation age
  • New T- Levels (Technical qualifications) have been launched, delivered primrarily by the Further Education Colleges. The expectation is that Stamford College will deliver a Digital and Construction course in 2022 and Boston College, an Engineering course. A T-Level will be equivalent to three A-Levels.

Parents and Carers also have access to a 'virtual' post 16 information presentation, put together by the Head of Year, Mr Jamie Smith, with support from key members of staff.

All students have access to a range of careers-related resources via their student grid (careers learning apps) the careers library and notice boards and are also directed to specific websites to assist with their career planning and to ensure that guidance is unbiased and impartial. 

The local authority no longer provides free access to an external careers guidance practitioner i.e. the former Connexions service, however all Year 11 students will be provided with an opportunity to attend a careers meeting, to discuss their options and ideas.This will usually be with our contracted professional careers adviser Ms Boothby.

Students with additional needs will continue to be supported by our in-house team and will also have support from our external partners.

You can also find some great tips and advice on applying for an apprenticeship via the DfE link below and some useful quick reference guides to apprenticeships within the documents attached to this page.

Glossary of some useful acronyms:

A LEVEL Advanced Level - two year course (Year 12/Y13)
BTEC Business & Technology Education Council
CEIAG Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance
DfE Department for Education
FE Further Education
GCSE General Certificate of Education
HE Higher Education
RPA Raising of the Participation Age
WRL Work Related Learning


For further information about your child's options Post 16 please contact Mrs Taylor, Careers Leader, on 01778 342159 during school hours, or email



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