Mid Year Admissions

When you are moving house to the Deepings area, or another area of Lincolnshire, you are encouraged to approach the school to enquire about arranging a place for your child.

Admissions during this academic year

You should contact the Admissions Manager to arrange an appointment to visit and find out if the school has any places available.

If you would like to apply for a place at our school, you will complete an application form.  This can be completed electronically or in hard copy (using the form below).  If you would like a paper form posting then please contact Mrs Baird-Parker and she will be happy to help:

Admission Form (apply for a mid-year place):

The Deepings School is popular some year groups may have a waiting list. If this is the case, you will be asked for some details so that you can be added to the list and you will be required to keep the Admissions Manager informed as your circumstances change. Should a place become available, then the place will be allocated in line with the admission procedure as laid down in the school's admission policy. It is important that you understand that your place on the waiting list may change, e.g. If other families move into the area and live nearer to the school than you.

You should be aware that:

  • Places that are available when you first enquire may be taken up before you move in.
  • Places will not be offered until you have made a legal commitment to move.
  • Places can only be held for a limited time.
  • When moving into an area, never assume that there will automatically be a place for your child in the nearest school or your preferred school. Always make enquires in advance.

The Schools Admissions Code makes it clear that there is no obligation to maintain reserve lists for mid-year admissions. The Deepings School and its Trustees have decided that the academy should maintain a reserve list for Years 7 to 9. Any students on the waiting list for Year 10 will be removed on 30 September each year and notification of this will be sent by post. There are no reserve lists for Years 10 and 11.

School Admissions Manager: Sharron Baird-Parker

Telephone: 01778 342159

If you have any problems in getting a school place for your child or you wish to apply to more than one school, you should contact the Education Team:

Website:  Lincolnshire County Council move schools

Phone:    01522 782030


When moving into an area, never assume that there will automatically be a place for your child in the nearest school or your preferred school. Always make enquires in advance.

If you would like information about appealing for a school place; please read the information about appeals.  The page can be found here:



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