E-Safety @ The Deepings School

At The Deepings School we take E-Safety seriously and are working to ensure that your children are protected whilst in our care, through regular assemblies, ongoing integration into the curriculum, weekly bulletin notices, posters etc. There is only so much we can do though, which is where you as parents and carers come into play.

So what can you do at home?

  • Things such as ensuring that a home PC or laptop is in a busy area of the house as it will mean you can be more involved in what they are doing.
  • Ensure your children don’t overuse the technology they have access to – a lot of computers/laptops/tablets allow you to limit time spent online.
  • It can be tough keeping up with the evolving technology your children are using – ask them about it, how it works, how they use it etc.
  • If you don’t already use social media but your child does, then maybe create your own account to see how it works for yourself.
  • With social media, it is important to ensure that children understand that being respectful and thinking before you post is right. It can be awful to receive negative comments online.
  • Talk to your children about privacy settings and the importance of not sharing information about themselves online, especially with people they may not know.
  • Don’t demonise the technology – if your child comes to you with a problem on their phone/tablet/laptop etc. then deal with the problem rather than removing the technology (it may make the child less likely to talk to you about a problem in future).

There are numerous websites where you as a parent or carer can find out more information about e-safety and helping your children to be safe online. The following are some that can be used:

Hopefully, together we can work on ensuring all of your children are protected, knowledgeable and safe online.