Transport and school hours update

The government finally published their guidance on school transport on 11 August 2020.  A link to the government guidance is provided on the left.

The local authority have also provided us with their guidance on 11 August 2020 (just before the government guidance came out). A link to the local authority guidance is provided on the left.

The school hoped to negotiate a small change to the afternoon bus timetables in order to support a staggered start and end to the school day, in line with the government's guidance on how to limit the spread of Covid-19.  This was included in the plan we communicated to parents in July. Unfortunately, we have been told by the local authority that they are unable to support this suggestion and local transport operators have been instructed not to change their timetables. As these matters are beyond our control, we will have to revert back to our normal start and end times for students. We will still stagger our breaks and lunch times as per our previously published plan.

We advise all parents to embrace alternative transport methods if they can: walking, cycling and travel by car as this is in line with government safety advice.

However, we have a suggestion for parents whose children are not travelling on a bus. If you would prefer your children to come in at the later time of 8.55, have tutorial in the afternoon and leave at a later time of 15.30 to avoid the rush period, we will accommodate this. This way, your children will not travel at the same time as many others and the volume will be reduced. If you would like to take us up on this offer, please email stating your child's name, year group and your desire for them to attend at the later times.