Concerns about your results

At results time, Ofqual will be providing information for students that sets out how their grades were calculated this year and the options available if they believe their result was not properly produced, including access to appeal. The National Careers Service Exam Results Helpline offers advice each year for students who have not received the results they had hoped for. Ofqual will also make a helpline available to students and their parents or carers to talk about the appeals process and any other questions they may have about their results this summer.

Awarding bodies will also likely provide information for students about results. The Deepings School will signpost you to any relevant information at results time.

If you have a concern about a grade you have been awarded, you can ask to:

  • check whether an error was made when submitting your centre assessment grade and rank order to the awarding body
  • raise a complaint if you feel you have evidence of bias or that you were discriminated against; you could also pass such evidence on to the awarding body who could investigate for potential malpractice
  • seek any information the awarding body holds in relation to how your final grade was calculated
  • provide information about the opportunity to take an exam in the autumn series or in summer 2021