Centre-assessed grades

The Deepings School has submitted provisional centre-assessed grades (CAGs) and rank orders to the relevant awarding body in accordance with the Ofqual guidance on Awarding qualifications in summer 2020 and in line with the awarding body instructions.

For the reason of fairness, awarding bodies are putting these grades through a standardisation process to ensure grading standards are consistent across all centres. The rank order of candidates will not be changed but the final grades candidates receive may be different to the centre assessment grade.

The Deepings School:

  • will not divulge provisional centre assessed grades (CAGs), nor rank orders, with candidates or parents/carers before the issue of results
  • understands that any inappropriate disclosure of centre assessment grades and rank order information before the issue of results will be investigated by awarding bodies as potential malpractice
  • CAGs and ranking information will be made available upon request after results days