Attendance and Punctuality

The Deepings School is committed to providing a full and efficient education for all pupils. The school believes sincerely that all pupils benefit from the education it provides and therefore from regular school attendance.

To this end the School will do as much as it can to ensure that all pupils achieve maximum possible attendance and that any problems, which may impede full attendance, are acted upon as quickly as possible.


  •  All pupils of statutory school age have an equal right to access an education in accordance with the National Curriculum regulations.

  •  No pupil should be deprived of their opportunity to receive an education that meets their needs and personal development.

  •  In the first instance, it is the responsibility of pupils and their parents to ensure attendance at school as required by law.

  •  Many pupils and their parents may need to be supported at some stage in meeting their attendance obligations and responsibilities.

  •  Situations beyond the control of pupils and/or parents may impact on attendance. We will, with the agreement and support of parents, work in partnership with external agencies to resolve these.

  •  The vast majority of pupils want to attend school to learn, to socialise with their peer group and to prepare themselves fully to take their place in society as well-rounded and responsible citizens with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to contribute to the life and culture of their communities