Home Learning

At the Deepings School, we set all our pupils home learning activities. We do this because we believe that it can help pupils to fully achieve their potential. The majority of Home Learning activities will be ‘Flipped Learning’ activities. Flipped Learning is an innovative approach in which direct instruction moves from the inside the classroom to outside the classroom. This leads to the classroom being a dynamic, interactive learning environment where students will receive a greater amount of teach/student contact. It further allows teachers to differentiate lessons and provide a personalised learning experience for the students.

More specifically, there are several reasons why we believe that Flipped Learning activities promote learning and progress.

  • Students see a purpose in the tasks they carry out at home.
  • It leads to personalised learning experiences for the students
  • Students are fully aware and prepared for the lessons they are attending.

Year 7 and 8 will often be given a choice as to the types of activity they carry out and engage with. This will be in the form of a Home Learning menu. These will be available for all departments on this page as they are produced.


Please see the Home Learning Tariff to see the volume of activities our students can expect to receive