Primary Schools Modern Foreign Languages Visit

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On Wednesday 28th January 75 Primary School pupils visited The Deepings School to enjoy an “après-midi français”.

Before arriving they had been given a list of words to look up and learn, that were all based around animals and food and on arrival they completed a word search containing the words in French, but listed in English underneath. Then, they were read a story, which all the words appeared in and they had to guess the story they were being told.

Very quickly the Primary pupils worked out that they would be sharing their afternoon with “Pierre Lapin” and much excitement followed as they had to re-sequence the story in French to make their own copy. After a short break all the pupils then returned to reproduce the tale within their school groups, with each person producing a picture and the French text for part of the story. Some schools then managed to recount the text in French in their groups.

The work produced was super, with some excellent illustrations and very accurate French, well done to all the pupils who took part and also to our own sixth formers who did a great job supporting all of our visitors.

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