Weekly News from Mr Beckett (7th February 2014)

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You should have all received a copy of the new 'Excel' newsletter / magazine. Once again we are delighted with the contribution our marketing company.  We hope you like the new format.
Academic Council: I attended the meeting in Oxford which was led by Chris Tweedale, the new interim CEO of the Trust, it was a useful opportunity to discuss many relevant topics.
Sixth Form Open Evening: on Tuesday evening; proved to be a fantastic success. Thanks to everybody for all their efforts - subjects did brilliantly, the site looked great, catering was good and we had amazing numbers! Over 140 of our own students and approximately 110 external students. 
Y12 Mock Exams: started at the end of the week and will go on through next week, they are in a new format this year and we hope they prove valuable.
Y11 predictions: the latest set of predictions and current attainment data was collected on Friday. So, we should have a clear picture of where we are, early next week. Our intervention programme appears to be working well.
The Senior Leadership Team met on Wednesday without me. Some key issues were discussed including the way forward for Modern Foreign Languages.
UIF (Ofsted): I am part of a very high level group 'The User Information Forum' which is led by CfBT in Skelmersdale.
Sixth Form Open morning: a number of students returned to the school to have a look around during a normal working day and this provided a useful insight into life during the school day.
Social sciences masterclass: Y12 and 13 students attended this event at Lincoln University this week, a very positive experience for all students.
All of Y7 went on the trip to the Natural History Museum yesterday, the trip was a fantastic success.  Thank you to Mr Smith for organising and the support of the Geography and Science teams.




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