Peterborough United throw down the challenge!

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On Tuesday a team of coaches from Peterborough United came in to school to work with year 7 students in an exciting enterprise challenge.

Working in groups of 9 or 10, they had to decide on their business role, think of a name and then design either a mascot, fanzone or football kit, using a range of resources. Teams also had to work out the profit and loss of the club! Students were supported by some of our Sixth Form students who worked with the team and helped with maths calculations and presentation skills.

Although they didn’t always know many of their fellow team members, the students worked well together to produce some great marketing and promotional products.  At the end of the session every team had to present their ideas to the coaches and the winners of each group then presented to everyone. Although a little nerve-racking, they rose to the challenge and confidence grew.

The winning team from the first session was table 4 made up of Jake Harden/Lexi Smith/Benjamin Heffernan/Jake Currall/Reiley Brett/Ethan Mills/Elisha Modest/Katie Guest/Emily-Jo Bloom and Harry Patten.

The second session’s winning team were from table 6.  Team members were Logan Coles/Casey Errico/Toby Bush/Cara Collins/Ruby Quinn/Yaya Bramble/Kai Fox/Luke Morgalla and Kyran Jenkins.

All winning team members received two tickets each to the first POSH match of the season.

Well done to all of year 7 who really embraced the tasks and made the most of the challenge, developing some key communication skills, with links to numeracy and literacy and showing how effectively they can work together in a team.

Mrs Taylor
Careers Lead

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