STEM – Mindstorms Regional Robotics Competition.

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Saturday 07th January, STEM – Mindstorms Regional Robotics Competition

It was an early start for STEM Club Architectos  as entry to Park Air was at 9:00am, Mr Dunham and Mrs Su were first to arrive. 9:00am the doors open and we (Joseph Pastore, Henry Hussey, Oliver Welch, Tom Walton, Archie Smith, Lucy Smith, Lucas Noble, Isaac Thompson, Joseph Green, Mrs Su, Mr Walton and Mr Dunham) entered and went to our pit station. All systems were go, we got to a point where our Robot was ready and we dived on to a practise table to get started on our preparation. Tom Walton had worked exceedingly hard on completing the most tasks possible. From the very beginning the robot had problems. It was really good to see Mr Lord had come to wish us luck, we felt really pleased with this. We got ourselves organised and sorted out the order to the day, first challenge was “Core Values”. We are never sure what Core Values actually means and how to prepare for this. We wrote some key points about Core Values before the meeting to discuss:

Integration, discovery, co-operation and teamwork.

We felt very concerned and underprepared, even so we did well and built up our confidence.

Next, our first visit to the board vs. Spalding Grammar School (SGS Warriors).  We beat Spalding Grammar School with a low score. We felt the robot was not quite as good as we hoped, there were too many errors.

Even so we pulled ourselves together while Tom Walton and Henry Hussey attempted to repair the programs. We had the presentation, which Alex Curtis had worked very hard on and we spent our time learning our lines, we felt this also went well, but the judges were unsure whether we did research. Time started passing quickly and some of the tasks were running late. We kept hitting the table and the robot was not doing the tasks as we had programmed, this was really disheartening. But we endeavoured.

We had the Robot design competition, our robot was not working effectively, due to batteries being low and the gyro was not working properly. They enjoyed how we used a colour sensor to pick out the different robotic tasks. We felt we were not doing well at all, the robot seemed to be letting us down. We carried on and kept our heads high. Mr Dunham was very impressed with the manners and behaviour displayed by The Deepings School as we seemed the show to be the best.

We continued with our table competitions to try and get the most points we could, our lowest over all was 10 and highest was 81, 6 points behind the 1st placed team. We reached second and we were so close to the next team up.

Unfortunately we did not get enough points, we could see that we just fell short. We had to hope that the combination of all the points would lead to use winning the overall competition. Hours passed and we played in the knockout rounds, until eventually we went to the Awards Ceremony. We won the Robot Design award, one of the big four awards. We were amazed after we felt our robot was not performing to the standard as we had hoped. We did not win we were all devastated, but we were not disappointed as we had tried our best.

We had finished early and were all ready to head home!

Lucy Smith and Mr B Dunham

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