Year 9 History students learn all about rationing

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As part of their studies in History, the students of 9e1 and 9e2 have been researching and teaching each other about rationing, evacuation and the role of women on the Home Front during World War Two.

For one particularly popular lesson, Izzy Hartley and Vicky Lonnen prepared a starter activity that involved popping balloons to retrieve facts about rationing. Then the class made and decorated cupcakes to a war-time recipe. Some were more successful than others, but all tasted surprisingly delicious given the lack of ingredients that were available during the Second World War.

Mrs Capper acted as official taster, and was delighted with the quality of the lesson as well as the cupcakes. “Izzy and Vicky showed ambition in their lesson planning,” she commented, “and the whole class has learnt a great deal from this lesson, as well as having fun learning it!”

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