Year 8 ZooLab experience

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On the 26th March 2015, all Year 8 Geography students were given the opportunity to attend a Tropical Rainforest Workshop run by the inspiring ZooLab team.  Our rangers, Barry and Chris, delivered exciting, memorable and high quality animal handling experiences to the students that taught them about fauna adaptation in this unique and fragile biome.

During Term 4, Year 8 students covered the topic ‘Endangered Planet’ in Geography classes, which enabled them to study several different aspects of what life is like in Tropical Rainforests.  The ZooLab team bought the ‘theory to life’ through their drama and storytelling.  Barry and Chris impressed the students (and staff) with their first-hand experiences of how the world’s most exciting habitat functions every day.  They took students on a journey through the many layers of a tropical rainforest - from the dark forest floor to the dizzy heights of the canopy. 

The most exciting part of the experience was the ‘animal handling’, where students were able to touch and hold a variety of animals native to our world’s tropical rainforests.  A range of live animals were shown and discussed including a tree frog, gecko, scorpion, tarantula, snake, millipede and cockroach.

Students were all incredibly well behaved and I am proud of how much of an interest they took.  Barry and Chris said to me at the end of the day that the students had been asking some very complex questions and they were impressed with the knowledge of tropical rainforests that the students had prior to the presentation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers that paid the voluntary contribution towards this experience.  Without your support, this experience would not have gone ahead.

Mr M Smith

Head of Geography


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