Year 9 Geography Field Trip to Sheffield

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On Thursday 12th March, 9e1 and 9e2 had the opportunity to visit the Geography Department at Sheffield University and look at the regeneration in Sheffield.

First of all we had to be at the school for 6:30am (which was quite difficult)!  We arrived at Sheffield at around 9:30am and went straight into the university.  We had a talk on student life and then had a lecture on town planning.  We were then given a task to do where we had to plan a new city centre that incorporated the needs of all the residents.  

Afterwards we had a campus tour where we got to ask questions and look at the grounds, libraries and the student union.  We found this really enjoyable and interesting.  The next bit was the best bit… we visited the Arts Tower where we went on the Paternoster lift.  A Paternoster lift is a passenger lift which consists of a chain of open carriages that move slowly in a loop up and down the height of the Arts Tower.  After that excitement we went back to our base and ate our lunch.

In the afternoon we split off into our fieldwork groups and completed the booklet Mr Shepard had prepared.  We carried out a range of Geography fieldwork activities; questionnaires, environmental quality surveys, field sketches and land use mapping.  This was very useful as it was designed to prepare us for GCSE study.  Some of us even had time for a cheeky McDonalds!  We left Sheffield at around 4 o’clock and arrived back at school at around 6:30pm.  All in all it was a great day and we would love to go again!  Thank you to Mr Shepherd, Mr Smith, Mr Evans and Miss Dexter for taking us.

Written by Victoria Lonnen (9GD) and Isabella Hartley (9PE)




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