News Update From Mr Trow (28 January 2015)

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As ever the return to school after the break means that staff, students and parents have to hit the ground running.

Our Year 11 mock results have shown an increase in predictions for GCSE results this summer.  This is encouraging, although some students are still not quite where we would ideally like them to be. There is a lot of work going on to make sure that students are given every opportunity to succeed over the next sixty or so school days they have left before exams start.

Our Sixth Form Open Evening is on Tuesday 3 February.  We are looking forward to welcoming new students and seeing the majority of our Year 11’s on Tuesday evening.  It is an exciting time as they decide what they would like to do post-16.

I am delighted that 98 students in Term 1 had 100+ merits and achieved their bronze award, particularly as we have introduced a ‘higher benchmark’ rewards system. 

As you may know the increasing emphasis on terminal exams has led to us ensuring that all students become familiar and more confident in formal exam settings. I am really pleased to report that our Year 9 students were impeccably behaved during their recent testing week in the Sports Hall. The fact that they took the situation seriously and acted so maturely bodes well for the future. I have congratulated them all.

A change in homework emphasis in some subjects has produced some amazing projects from Humanities. Students have put together projects based on the Deepings. I have seen the pick of the bunch and will be inviting those students to a Headteacher’s ‘Well done’ Breakfast this week.

We are also really excited about the start of an Equestrian Club. A group of our students will hopefully be competing around the country as a Deepings School Team. As far as I know we are the only publically funded school taking part. On our web site we have an article about a Year 10 student Chloe Reynolds who is very successful in the world of AutoSport Racing. I am very proud to be the Headteacher of a school in which our students take part in such diverse activities.

The Science build is underway and making progress. The compound is secure and students have responded to the access restrictions very well. We will keep you updated.

Richard Trow

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