Improving KS4 Homework

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Improving KS4 Homework

Teachers and 70 students enjoyed an afternoon together on Tuesday 20 January 2015 working on improvements to KS4 homework. Each department invited students to ‘co-construct’ with them during their after school training session. This involved consulting students about their opinions on existing homework and researching & designing new tasks and projects.

Overwhelmingly, students told us that they appreciated both the opportunity to work with their teachers outside of normal lessons and to have their views on how homework can help learning progress seriously considered.

Students were exemplary in their positive attitude. They joined us in the Conference Centre for the launch presentation and in all departments willingly expressed their ideas and opinions. We have written home thanking all students for taking part and hope to be able to update you all about the impact of this activity in the future.

Mrs C BoreHAM

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