weekly News from Mr Beckett (27th June 2014)

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Dear All
A very important week at school with some real positives!
Initial Teacher Training: almost the last session for our trainees before they begin teaching in September; all but two (PE) have jobs at local schools. I led a session with them on leadership on Monday before they carried out learning walks around the school.
Road shows: the last three this week; Mr Trow visited Baston and Weston Hills and I went to St Gilbert's on Wednesday evening. All well received and well attended.
Art: both the A Level and GCSE exhibitions in the Conference Centre were of the highest quality. Well done to all of the three young Art teachers; they are a great team. 
Open morning: on Tuesday saw a further 25 families attend and tour the school before having half an hour questiona and answer session with myself.  A very positive event.
Biology: Y12 field trips have been taking place throughout the week, thank you to all staff involved.
Sixth Form Induction: wow! The two day induction programme was excellent, we had lots of students involved and the atmosphere was very positive.  It will be an exciting time for the Sixth Form in Spetember.
Y6 Taster Day: one of, if not the best, taster day in the last 10 years. Mrs Pearson led a great day and all students seemed to have had an interesting and busy day.
Y12 visit: Mr Smith and Mrs Shilling took the Y12 students to P'boro for a Post 18 day of activities, this was vert worthwhile.
Primary cluster: our local schools met for a CPD session in the Conference Centre on Wednesday.
Y7 Subject Parents Evening: according to Ian a well attended and successful evening on Thursday.
Bronze D of E: are out on their formal expedition this weekend.

Chris Beckett


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