High Prior Attainers

High Prior Attainers (HPA)

High Prior Attainers (“HPAs”) at The Deepings School are those students that showed 'greater depth' in Maths and English in Year 6 and therefore are students that have a high learning potential.

Whilst they may learn rapidly and benefit from an excellent memory, have an extensive vocabulary and strong sense of curiosity, in order for them to fulfil their full potential within school, they often need additional guided support to help deepen or broaden their knowledge.

The strands to underpin the support we offer our HPA students are based around:

  • Student Engagement
  • Instructional Support
  • Mentoring and Tutoring
  • Enrichment

To ensure engagement in their studies, our staff ensure that our HPA students are motivated and have access to additional resources to help them think beyond what they have learnt in the classroom and challenge their own understanding of a subject.  Students may be asked to complete surveys regarding their attitude to learning to help identify any barriers to engagement.

By using the PixL Stretch strategy, students are encouraged to be “stretched” intellectually and to experience and learn about new innovations, ideas, research and people. The strategy has, at its core, a selection of talks which give students the ability to learn and stretch their understanding and interests. These talks are wide-ranging and some link to each other in different ways through themes, topics, concepts, language and ideas.

Some students will also be invited to join small-group initiatives such as the Scholars Programme run by The Brilliant Club.  As part of this initiative the PhD tutors share their subject knowledge and passion for learning with the aim of helping students to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to secure a place at a competitive university.

Through our membership to Potential Plus UK, all HPA students will have access to advice sheets written specifically to help them to understand their high learning potential and a variety of talks and workshops. And as a parent or carer, you will also have access to advice sheets specifically written for you explaining how to support your child with high learning potential.

Mentoring and tutoring is available for HPA students and in Year 11 complements the wider academic intervention programme.

Despite the constraints imposed by the ongoing pandemic, cultural enrichment activities such as live streaming of theatre events and other experiences remain part of our offering

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