If someone dies in our school community, whether the death is one that affects an individual student or of someone known to the whole school community, our aim is to act appropriately to provide the support needed at this difficult time.  

Our response will depend on individual circumstances and the needs of students, staff and the wider school community. We appreciate that everyone, child or adult, will grieve in their own way and we do not make assumptions about what anyone should be doing, how they should be feeling or what is going to help; we are always guided by the student or their family in what they would like to happen. 

The school's Designated Safeguarding Lead also takes a lead with supporting bereavements.  However, you may want to discuss the situation with your child's year team in the first instance. 

Provided below are a selection of materials from Child Bereavement UK that you may find useful: 

In addition, we have collated a few organisations which you may also find helpful at this time: 

Grief Encounter 
Grief Encounter is one of the UK’s leading child bereavement charities providing pioneering services and support to bereaved children, young people and their families. 

Hope Again 
Hope Again is Cruse Bereavement Care's website for young people. 
08088 081677 

Cruse Bereavement Care 
They offer support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone dies and work to enhance society’s care of bereaved people. 
08088 081677 

Childhood Bereavement Network 
CBN supports professionals working with bereaved children and young people, with information updates, key resources and networking opportunities. 
02078 436309 

Child Death Helpline 
At the Child Death Helpline, we’re here to listen. Your call will be answered by a trained volunteer who has also lost a child and understands the feelings that surround the death of a child. 
0800 282986 

Child Bereavement Network 
The Childhood Bereavement Network (CBN) is the hub for those working with bereaved children, young people and their families across the UK. 
02078 436309 

Winston's Wish 
Winston’s Wish was the UK’s first childhood bereavement charity – supporting bereaved children. 
08088 020021