Uniform Information

We believe it is important for pupils to be smartly dressed in a uniform that makes them recognisable as members of the school but which is easy for parents, students and staff to understand and inexpensive to purchase.


All students are required to wear the following school uniform:

  • A plain white shirt tucked into an approved black skirt or trousers
  • A school tie
  • Plain black traditional shoes (no trainers)
  • Plain black/dark grey coloured socks
  • Plain black tights
  • A black blazer with the school logo
  • A plain black v neck jumper (terms 2 and 3 only)
  • A school scarf (optional)

We do understand that as fashions change, students will experiment with different interpretations of the uniform rules. If your child wishes to wear something not defined in the Uniform Policy they should discuss this matter with their form tutor or year team.  If in doubt, it is recommended that parents should check directly with the school before any purchase or appearance change. 

For further images and useful information please see the attached documents.