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Our multi-academy trust was founded eight years ago by Education Development Trust, an international company with charitable status that has been providing a range of education services all over the world for over 50 years.

Since starting out under the name CfBT Schools Trust with just three schools, Anthem now serves over 8,000 children and young people in 16 schools across the East Midlands, London and Thames Valley. 

All our schools are unique, and each has something special to offer. This rich diversity is what inspired us to change our name in the summer of 2019. We are no longer simply a ‘Centre for British Teachers’ (CfBT), but a place where everyone, wherever they are from, has an opportunity to learn and grow, and to be valued for what they bring to our community of schools.

Together, we create ambitious and successful schools where every child thrives

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Our Values and core purpose

Together we create ambitious and successful schools where every child thrives

We believe that when children come into school each day, they want to succeed, to be recognised for who they are and could be, and to enjoy their learning. They want to thrive - and this is what teachers and parents want for them too. This is the purpose of our partnership of schools. This is the purpose of Anthem.

Our approach is built on three core values:

These values reflect the culture we want to achieve throughout our organisation, from the boardroom to every classroom in one of our schools.

In practice, this means behaving with openness and honesty to build trust in everything we do. It means providing opportunities for our children and our adults to work together and learn from each other to ensure we are the best we can possibly be. And it means being consistent and ambitious for excellence, in all its different forms.