Year Teams

Our pastoral year teams are led by a teaching Head of Year and a non-teaching Deputy Head of Year; initial contact with the school will normally be handled by a student's form tutor. In addition, each year has a member of the senior leadership team linked to them and a team of form tutors that have daily contact with their tutees.

Year 7

Head of Year Mr Kelly
Deputy Head of Year Mrs Gedney
Senior Leadership Link Mrs Robertson

Year 8

Head of Year Miss Harlock
Deputy Head of Year Mrs Farrell
Senior Leadership Link Mr Friend

Year 9

Head of Year Mr Baker
Deputy Head of Year Mrs Russen
Senior Leadership Link Mr Akhtar

Year 10

Head of Year Mrs Walker
Deputy Head of Year Mrs Meikle
Senior Leadership Link Mr Corner

Year 11

Head of Year Mr Smith
Deputy Head of Year Mrs Litman
Senior Leadership Link Mr Lord/ Mr Meneaugh