Work Expereince

Due to the restrictions placed on employers and schools as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel our Work Expereince programme for Year 12 for this year.

We are currently looking into a number of online programmes and our aim is to continue to deliver work related learining within a classtoom setting throughout the year.

We will send out any updates relating to online resources to students via Teams, and students can also access a wide range of careers and work related learning apps via the Student Grid, the Careers Folder in Student Share Point and Unifrog, and should be encouraged to engage with these resources to learn more about the world of work.

If the situation changes later in the year and restrictions are eased, we may be able to review our Work Experience programme and will keep you updated about any changes.

If you have any questions regarding Work Related Learning, please contact Mrs Hillson, 6th Form Administrator.