Health and Social Care

Subject Vision

Health and Social Care provides an accessible, vocational qualification where all can succeed, developing key transferable skills and values

The Year 9 curriculum is in place to introduce students to the Health Sector, including NHS, to life development and to Social Care – all new topics to them. We aim to introduce coursework style tasks to make explicit the skill-based aspects of this Btec Tech Award course.

The Year 10 curriculum covers Components 1 and 2 with students completing 3 of the 4 pieces of written coursework in this year. Students will be expected to apply their prior learning and skills to these assignments.

Students will be taught about the requirements of the exam component, including how to answer each section and how to manage their time effectively.

Students will be thoroughly prepared for the external exam component by taking a PPE paper in November prior to the first attempt external exam in February. A second PPE will precede a second exam in May. These provide practice for time management and mark schemes will be used to show how to improve.

What am I going to study?

 This course gives you the opportunity to study how people grow and develop over the course of their lives, from infancy to old age, and the factors that may affect this, such as major life changing events like marriage or parenthood. You will learn how people adapt to these changes as well as the types of support available to help them. You will also learn about the different health and social care services, and about ‘care values’ and their importance in making sure that the people who use these services get the care they need. You will be able to demonstrate these care values practically. You will develop skills in interpreting data about someone’s state of health in order to design a plan that will allow them to improve their health and wellbeing.



Mrs S Schelpe


Mrs S Schelpe, Miss B Harlock