Sixth Form Student Information

Our Sixth Form Student Handbook, which includes our Code of Conduct, and information about coursework can be downloaded below.


Student Attendance

  • Students are required to be in school between 8.30am and 3pm every day.
  • Unplanned Absences – illness, emergency appointments etc: please report via the Edulink system on the Parent Grid, or by email to
  • Planned Absences – Sixth Form students must complete an ‘Application for Time Off School’ form for any planned absence, which can be collected from the 6th Form admin office.  These require a parent/carer signature and must be handed in at least 24 hours before the period of absence.
  • Absence marks – whilst the school will authorise absences for unavoidable medical appointments etc, students will be marked as absent for a morning or afternoon session and their attendance will be affected if they are not in school for the core registration time.  Students must arrive by 11.00am to receive their morning mark, and must leave after 1.25pm to receive their afternoon mark.
  • Driving lessons – students can attend driving lessons during school time as long as the appropriate paperwork has been completed in advance; a form can be picked up from the 6th Form admin office.  Students must not book driving lessons during morning registration, in lesson time, when they have a supervised study, or when certain events are taking place in school that all students are required to attend.  For lessons taking place in the afternoons, students should remain in school until 1.25pm.
  • Holidays are not authorised in term time.


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