Policies and Privacy Notices

Anthem Schools Trust Policies and Privacy Notices

Some policies and privacy notices are the same for all schools that belong to Anthem Schools Trust.  These include:

  • Privacy notices for job applicants; Local Governors, Trustees and other volunteers; parents own data; parents and their child's data; pupils; suppliers; visitors; and workforce.
  • Data protection policy
  • Freedom of information policy
  • Remote education policy
  • Online safety policy for students and parents
  • Anthem complaints policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • Reduced timetable guidance
  • Whole-school equality policy
  • Concerns and complaints policy (schools)
  • Policy statement on the recruitment of ex-offenders
  • Charging and remissions policy
  • Exclusions policy
  • Managing aggressive behaviour policy
  • Whistleblowing policy
  • Disability policy

These policies and privacy notices can be found on our Trust website:


The Deepings School Policies and Procedures

In addition to the Trust-wide policies, listed above, the school have a number of policies and procedures which are specific to the school.  These can be found below.  

Paper copies of any policies or any other information on our website is available, free of charge, on request by telephoning main reception or emailing


Policies and Privacy Notices Date  
Acceptable Use Agreement 2021 01st Sep 2021 Download
Accessibility Plan February 2022 24th Feb 2022 Download
Admissions Policy 2021-2022 21st Nov 2019 Download
Admissions Policy 2022-2023 11th Feb 2021 Download
Admissions Policy 2023 - 2024 28th Feb 2022 Download
Allegations against staff policy 2021 01st Jan 2021 Download
Anti-bullying Policy 2021 01st Apr 2021 Download
Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2022 24th May 2022 Download
Behaviour Policy Feb 2022 10th Feb 2022 Download
Behaviour Policy Into Practice Sept 2021 10th Feb 2022 Download
Charging and Remissions Policy appendix 01st Sep 2020 Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2021 01st Sep 2021 Download
Concerns and Complaints Policy 2021 01st Mar 2021 Download
E-Safety Policy 2021 01st Feb 2021 Download
Educational Visits Policy 2021 01st Mar 2022 Download
First Aid Policy 2021 01st Apr 2021 Download
Home School Agreement Policy 2021 17th May 2022 Download
Lettings Policy 2021 01st Sep 2021 Download
Literacy Policy 2019 01st Aug 2019 Download
Looked After Children Policy 2019 01st Sep 2019 Download
Missing Pupils Policy 2020 01st Sep 2020 Download
Mobile phone (acceptable use) Policy 2020 01st Jun 2020 Download
Parental agreement for the administration of medicine 19th Sep 2016 Download
Provider Access Policy 2021 01st May 2021 Download
Registration of Pupils Policy 2021 01st Sep 2021 Download
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 10th Nov 2020 Download
Remote Education Policy 2021 01st Dec 2021 Download
Risk Management Policy 2020 08th Feb 2021 Download
Special Educational Needs Policy 2021 01st Nov 2021 Download
Tackling Extremism and Anti-Radicalisation (PREVENT) Policy 2021 01st Sep 2021 Download
Uniform Policy (Uniform, PE Kit, Sixth Form Dress Code) 2021 01st Jun 2021 Download