Deeping Rocks!

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Before the festive break, a buzz so loud was created, that you can still hear it in the New Year and all thanks to our amazing production: 'School of Rock'.  Performing arts and music students from all year groups got involved with this year’s musical extravaganza and to say it was a success, is an understatement!

Telling the story of wannabe rock star Dewey Finn, ‘School of Rock’ is bursting with metal music, celebrated through the main character’s love of his guitar and his determination to make it to the Battle of the Bands.  In need of money, Dewey takes a job as a substitute teacher (despite his lack of qualifications), but in his lessons Greek classics are replaced by guitar solos, drums, keyboard and some harmonious vocals. 

Ben Patemen (Year 11) was cast into the role of Dewey and produced a stellar performance, undertaking more lines and solo vocals than I have ever seen one student memorise!  Throughout, Ben was surrounded by a glittering cast offering up soulful vocals and lively rock numbers; there are just too many stand-out performances to name.  Finally, the Concert Band brought the whole ensemble together, but a special mention goes to Joshua Barratt whose drum solos were outstanding!

The audience were on their feet at the end, following some impressive confetti bombs and pyrotechnics; bringing the performance to a suitably sparkling close. Well done to all involved, staff and students alike.

Mrs C Starling

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