Appealing for a School Place

Admissions Appeal Timetable

  1. For entry in Year 7 in September 2020:
National Offer day Monday 2 March 2020
Closing date for lodging appeals* Friday 3 April 2020
Deadline for paperwork for appeals Friday 3 April 2020
Planned date for appeals group presentation  Monday 8 June 2020
Planned days for individual appeal hearings  Monday 8 - Friday 12 June 2020

Appeals may be lodged by submitting an appeal form to the school.

The school appeal form is available to download at the bottom of this page.

* appeals may be lodged after this date.  However, it cannot be guaranteed that late appeals will be heard at the same time as all other appeals.

Mid-Year Appeals

If you are not able to get a place for your child in the school  of your choice; you have the right to an independent appeal.

The independent admissions appeal panel will hear your appeal against the decision not to offer a place to your child.  If would like to lodge a mid-year appeal, you should complete and return an appeal form (available below):


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Admission Appeal Form 27th Feb 2017 Download