PSHEE and SMSC Co-ordinator: Miss C Kyriacou


PSHEE and Citizenship form an important part of a student’s school experience, developing essential skills which prepare the student for life post-school.

PSHEE and Citizenship is important in the moral development of a child through listening to others, helping pupils to accept responsibility in the choices they make and valuing their own and others opinions. Social development is through valuing and understanding roles in group work and finally the cultural development through understanding how views can differ or remain the same, depending on when and where a person is.

All opinions are valued and students are encouraged to reflect on how their personal values relate to those of school and society and to evaluate their own learning, strengths and weaknesses. 

During Yr7, lessons are taught in tutor groups by the Head of College or Progress Leaders and are focused on Relationships, Puberty, Drugs, Personal safety and Careers.

In the rest of Key stage 3 students have lessons on Citizenship, Local and Global Community, The Law, Prejudice, Healthy Life Styles, Preparation for Options, Relationships and Human Rights.