Develop Geographers with a thirst for gaining knowledge of the World in which they live and an understanding of the impacts they can have on their World.

The aim of our KS3 curriculum is to allow students to gain the knowledge and the skills to become good all-round Geographers with a keen interest in the world around them and the part they play within it.

It is aimed to give students the foundations of knowledge and understanding in all the key areas of Geography – including those delivered at GCSE.

The Year 10 curriculum focuses on the UK topics at GCSE. Again this will build upon the foundations of knowledge gained in Year 7 and also the geographical skills and map skills gained in KS3.

The Year 11 curriculum is designed to complete the remaining topics of the GCSE. There will be a heavy focus on the 2 sets of PPEs and their final exam – both in terms of preparation and feedback.



Mrs R Atkins:


Miss C Wilshire, Mr G Baker, Mrs J Robertson, Miss K Lee, Mr J Cotton & Mr O Jones




At Key Stage 4, Geography is a popular option for students where they achieve very good GCSE results.  The Deepings School Geography Department follow the Edexcel B Specification, which is broken down into four separate units.  Students study Units 1 and 2 to build their core knowledge and understanding, this is developed in Units 3 and 4.


To provide consistency from GCSE study, the Deepings Geography Department follow the Edexcel A-Level Specification for sixth form geographers.  The specification is designed to allow our students the flexibility to build programmes that suit their own particular interests and needs using a range of approaches.  Those geographers with interests in distinct physical, human and environmental approaches will be able specialise, as will those who want a more holistic approach