To inspire curiosity to know more about the world, its past and its place in society.

The aim of the KS3 curriculum is to inspire curiosity of history and start to embed it into understanding more about the world.

The curriculum is delivered in chronological order to help student understand sequencing and how one event has an effect on later developments in history including today’s society.

There are a range of topics covered over a 1000-year range and incorporates cross-curricula knowledge and skills.

At the heart of the curriculum is a level of engagement, deepening of British Values and historical skills.

The Year 10 curriculum covers the GCSE for Paper 2 with Anglo-Saxons and Norman England as a British in-depth study and Superpowers and the Cold was as a Period study.

The Year 11 curriculum will be based around demands of the two PPE sessions, and their final exam. The final unit of the curriculum on a Modern depth study of Weimar and Nazi Germany is studied and further skills and concepts developed. Much of this year is focused on AO3 and AO4 with use of sources and interpretations.



Mrs D Millard:


Mr D Holmes, Mr M Presneill, Mr N Smith, Mrs A Khan.


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