History is a vibrant and exciting subject which is taught in a way that involves the students, so capturing their interest and extending their knowledge.

Our results at all levels are, and have been for some time, amongst the best if not the History cotinues to be a popular subject for students progressing to university with a high percentage of students attending Russell Group universities. We are very proud of this and indeed it reflects our vision and ethos which is to inspire and foster a love for a subject that is academically respected and also has a wealth of subject interest and diversity.  

We believe History is important because it:

  • Gives a sense of identity
  • Puts present events into perspective
  • Promotes informed and responsible citizens
  • Develops many transferable skills such as presenting evidence, analysing text and research
  • Enables pupils to empathise with the many human stories throughout history
  • Is really fun to learn



Mrs D Millard


Mr D Holmes Mr M Presneill Mr N Smith Mrs H King



Key Stage 3

The study follows a chronological order, starting with the background to the Norman Conquest and going through to the 1990s.  The topics covered focus on key events and characters so that the students have a broad and balanced understanding of their history up to the Twentieth Century.  This allows students to build on skills and knowledge to prepare students fully for GCSE History.


Key Stage 4

We follow the Edexcel GCSE covering four units.

Year 9 - Thematic Study and Historical Environment

Medicine in Britain, c1250-present and The British sector of the Western Front, 19-14-18: injuries, treatment and the trenches

Year 10 - Period Study and British Depth Study

Anglo-Saxon and Norman England c1060-88

British America, 1713-83: Empire and Revolution

Year 11 - Modern Depth study

Weimar and Nazi Germany


Key Stage 5

We follow the OCR A-level course covering four units.

Year 12 - Thematic Study and Historical Interpretations: England 1485-1558: The Early Tudors

Non-British Period Study: The Cold War in Europe 1941-1995

Year 13 - British Period Study and Enquiry: Anglo-Saxon Englans and The Norman Conquest 1035-1107

Topic Based Essay: 3000-4000 word essay on a selected question from one of the studied units