Science is the driving force behind a huge array of emerging technologies that are impacting increasingly upon our daily lives.

We rely on science to solve many of society’s problems and to enhance our enjoyment of life. We want to teach students about the concepts behind these innovations and help them appreciate its application in everyday life. We want to equip students with the skills to analyse and evaluate evidence and draw conclusions independently from data. We would like students to develop good practical skills and be able to assess risks effectively. Our aim is to incorporate practical work into as many lessons across KS3 and KS4 as possible. This will improve students’ enjoyment of the subject as well teaching them valuable skills in the process. We aim to support all students, in whichever pathway they follow, to achieve their full potential and leave school with a clearer understanding of the world around us.


Director of Science
Mr K Fryett


Mrs K Burnell Mr K Fryett Miss E Nicholls Mr S Ostler
Mrs R Punter Mr J Randall-Carrick Mr D Horsfield Ms K Stapleton
Miss T Story Mrs P Su Mrs A Isherwood Mr C Walton
Mr R Corner Mr R James Mrs S Barker Mrs H Turner
Mrs J Gibbins      



GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics, GCSE Double Award Science, A-level Biology, A-level Chemistry and A-level Physics


Oliver Mowforth achieved amazing results in Science this year, gaining A* in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He will go to Jesus College, Cambridge to study Medicine. Jacob Bradshaw and Jessica Kirby achieved A’s in all three sciences. Jacob will study Medicine at Imperial College, London and Jessica will study Dentistry. Stephanie Williams achieved an A* in Biology and an A in Chemistry and will study at Birmingham. George Pickering achieved A’s in Biology and Chemistry and will study Medicine at Sheffield. Sophie Greaves achieved A’s in Biology and Chemistry and will study Chemistry at Sheffield. Amie Welsh achieved an A in Biology and a B in Chemistry. We are incredibly proud of the students’ achievements and wish them every success in their chosen fields of study.


Over the last year, students have been involved in a wide range of activities aimed at stimulating interest and enjoyment of science. The Deepings School has been represented at the following events: 

University of Lincoln Science and Engineering Day

Institute of Physics Gifted and Talented competition

The Big Bang Science Day at Stamford College

Swavesey Science Challenge

All of Year 7 visited the National Space Centre in Leicester where they experienced a trip through space in the planetarium.

We have also hosted Year 6 Transition Days with our feeder primary schools which involved over 150 primary students coming to the Science department for taster sessions.

Students from Years 8 and 10 were invited to attend weekly Gifted and Talented clubs where they were given the opportunity to develop and extend their learning of key scientific principles.


Enthusiastic students in Years 7 – 9 will be invited to attend a fun Science Club after October half term. Students will have access to experiments and investigations that are not routinely carried out as part of the curriculum.

Students identified as Gifted and Talented will be invited to attend a weekly after school session aimed at stretching and challenging them to achieve their full potential.

GCSE revision sessions are available prior to mock exams and terminal exams.