Primary Transition


  • To reassure Year 6 pupils about the transfer of school and to prepare them for secondary life.

  • To inform parents of their choices and to enable them to fully support their child through the transition process.

  • To give primary school staff the opportunity to pass on key information about their Year 6 cohort.

  • To enable the Deepings School to gather information on the Year 6 cohort allowing for balanced sensitive groupings.

The period of transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is a time that can be unsettling for students and parents alike.  If handled correctly, students can begin life at their new school confidently and in a position to develop socially, emotionally and academically.  Parents can feel informed and confident that their child will move smoothly onto the next phase of their educational life.

However, if not handled correctly, students can feel intimidated and overly anxious and valuable time can be lost in Key Stage 3 whilst they regain their confidence and display all of their skills and abilities.

The Deepings School recognises four major partners in the transition process and aims to satisfy all of their needs as follows.

1. Students

Prior to starting at The Deepings School, students need reassurance about what the next phase of education holds in store for them. This is done in a variety of ways:

  • An Open Evening, aimed at Year 5 and 6 students, is held in the Autumn Term when parents and stuents can visit and learn about the school and ask staff questions.

  • A student handbook exists which aims to answer a range of issues that can preoccupy a student at the point of transfer.  This will be sent out prior to June half term.

  • We arrange an Information Evening, where students will meet their Tutor Groups, Tutor and Head of College and Taster Day where they can sample lessons, lunches and get a feel for their new school.  Team building activities will be the main focus of this day.  Both of these events will take place in the June of the year of transfer.

  • An Induction Day is held immediately prior to the beginning of the September term that allows for administrative tasks to be carried out.  The student also meets with his/her Tutor and other key staff, including the Head.

2. Parents

Prior to their child starting at The Deepings School, parents need a variety of information concerning processes, meetings, equipment and standards. This is achieved through:

  • An Open Evening in the Autumn Term of each year when parents and students can visit and learn about the school and how to apply for a place.

  • Together with the student handbook,  information for parents will be sent out prior to June half term and will contain a variety of information required prior to transfer.

  • An Information Evening in June of each year.  On this evening there will be opportunities to purchase essential equipment and uniform items and speak to key people.  Students will meet their Tutor Groups on this evening.

3. Primary Schools

An opportunity is given through a face to face meeting to pass on information relating to:

  • Academic attainment including any SEN information

  • Friendship groupings

  • Aspects of social, emotional or medical concerns

  • Any other information deemed to be of relevance to the transition process

4. The Deepings School

  • Staff will visit the primary schools and gather information deemed to be of relevance to the transition process though talking to Year 6 teachers
  • Will form groupings that are mixed and balanced based on information gathered on primary colleagues through professional trust and partnership

  • Hold meetings for parents where they can explore the school and reassure themselves about the transition process

  • Hold an Information Evening, Taster Day and Induction Day designed to reassure students and enable them to begin the new phase of education confidently.

  • Take the opportunity to communication with parents at both formal and informal gatherings and produce an ordered pack of information crucial to the induction process.

The Deepings School recognises the value of an efficient and effective induction and transition process and carries out a formal review at the end of September each year.


Primary Transition Date  
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