Issues with Connect and the Grid - Resolved

UPDATE@12pm - 29th June 2020: The firewall issue has been identified and corrected. All systems should now be accessible. 



Due to a firewall issue which we have been investigating, Connect and the Grid have been unavailabille from home on some Internet connections. It seems mostly BT and Sky customers that are affected the most however others have been reported. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause while we resolve the issue with our firewall support provider.

Note: Access to Microsoft Teams and office 365 is unaffected by the issue.
Please log into office 365 using the office website.

Microsoft 365 -

We have set up an alternative link for the Grid that can be accessed via your web browser as below.

Grid -

For connect VLE please try the app or browser on a smart phone, or device on a data SIM card. It has been reported that Connect works fine on phones if they are not connected to a home router.

Connect -