Key Stage 3



At the Deepings School we have setting in the core and EBACC subjects.

Year 7 and 8 pupils September 2017

  • Year 7 pupils are placed in sets based on prior attainment using KS2 SATs results from July 2017
  • There is setting in English, Maths, Science, MFL and Humanities
  • For these subjects there are 10 groups  - 5 in each half year
  • There are 4 ‘top tier’ groups -58-60 in each half year (29-30 per group) these are called Q and S –there are 4 groups – QO, QB, SN and SY
  • 6 groups ‘middle tier’– about 24 in each class –three in each half year these are called R and T – RW, RT, RV, TP, TS and TC
  • We have listened to concerns regarding group names – many pupils and parents found that numbering groups X, 1, 2, 3 and 4 caused anxiety for some students – even when the groups were of the same ability.  For Years 7 and 8 we have used more neutral colours.  On the timetable a group might be called QO or TP using the first letter of the colour
  • The two tiers have the same pupils for English, Maths, Science, Humanities and MFL but subjects can set within the tiers.  This means that a child could be in RW for Maths but RT for English for example.  It is up to the individual subject to set within their tier (History, Geography and RE count as one subject for this purpose –Humanities).
  • Year 8 pupils in September 2017 based on KS2 scores and attainment in Year 7 – the vast majority of 7X and 1 students will be in the Q and S groups


Higher tier

Q Orange

S Navy

Q Blue

S Yellow

Middle tier

R White

T Pink

R Turquoise

T Silver

R Violet

T Cream


For the Arts, PE and Technology students are placed into mixed groups with students from all Colleges.

In Years 7 and 8 all students study:

Art, Drama, English, Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Language, Music, Physical Education, RE, Science and Technology. The weekly curriculum time is as follows (each period is 55 minutes long, there are 6 in one day and 30 in a week)

English – 5 periods

Maths -5 periods

Science – 4 lessons

Humanities (Geography, History and RE) - 4 lessons

Spanish – 3 lessons

PE – 2 lessons

Drama, Computer Science, Music – 1 lesson each

Art and Design/Technology -4 lessons


Students begin their GCSE courses in Year 9. 

In terms 3 and 4 students are taken through an options programme which will prepare them for choosing their courses. There are assemblies, meetings with parents and a collapsed day programme to ensure every child and parent has the correct information.  All students and parents will receive a guided choices booklet containing all of the available courses. 

Students select four GCSE courses to study on top of the core GCSE subjects.  This means that all students will study 9 or 10 GCSE equivalent courses.  All students have to choose History or Geography as one of their options.  Students in the top four Spanish groups will have to select a Modern Foreign Language as one of their options.

This year the range of subjects included:

Art and Design

Business Studies

Computer Science

Creative iMedia

Design and Technology



Food Preparation and Nutrition



Health and Social Care


Materials Technology

Media Studies


Music Technology

Physical Education

Religious Studies