Home to School Transport

Home to School transport may be provided by Lincolnshire County Council.

If your child is of statutory school age, free school transport will be provided if they:

  • attend a school within the designated transport area (DTA) for their home address
  • attend a school nearer to their home address than the DTA school
  • attend a school allocated by the county council because there were no places in nearer schools
  • and, live more than three miles away (between ages 11 and 16)

If you live in a town, transport will only be provided to the nearest school, subject to the distance criteria above.

If you think that your child’s route to school, or a pick-up point, is too hazardous to walk, you can request an assessment by emailing

Important: Transport is only provided at each end of the school day and is only available to and from the child’s main home address.

For full information and to apply online, visit Lincolnshire County Council's website:

Please note: All decisions about home-school transport are the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council.